Changes coming


I have been at crossroads as regards the direction to take with this my little blog for a few months. I have struggled with making a decision on whether to keep the running or not, or changing the focus. When I started it I wanted it to be curation of things that I like but somewhere down the road it's pretty much changed faces a couple of times. It's gone from posting about movies, TV shows, music, and the odd articles on celebrities, general news to just being tech focused with a bias towards Samsung devices. At all times, this content of this blog has always mirrored what I'm cool with, but at this point I feel it's being less me than ever. I would love to share my interests in TV and music more, although IP laws would limit what and what I could legally post on here.

So in summary, this blog of mine will try to balance out its tech bias with a few posts on music, movies, TV and also the odd personal interest articles.