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Hi, guys I do know it's a little belated. I hope this meets you all alive and kicking.

2015 has been an amazing year in tech. 2015 was most likely the year that smartwatches took the spotlight largely due to the Apple Watch which reportedly sold an amazing 7.4 million units. The sucfes of the Apple Watch has invigorated this device segment, which more and more OEMs delving in. My standout smartwatch last year was the Samsung Gear S2 with its unique take on how interaction with smartwatches should be. I think Samsung finally nailed it, the only con is the lack of third party apps, which is a big deal to me.

2015 was also the year of the budget smartphone with Motorola, OnePlus, Asus and others making their flagship devices more affordable than ever. Even low budget devices have gotten better with OEMs now using premium feel materials in the design of their budget devices. It's not out of place to see a sub-$300 device with an all metal build. The OnePlus X was one of those devices.

It was also the year that Samsung decided to ditch plastic for metal in its flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was the standout device for me. The curved edges of the Galaxy S6 edge was really something to look at.

With the progress made in 2015, one can only hope that 2016 would bring vast improvements in the first generation technologies and better apps and devices.

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