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Opera Max now warns you when an app uses too much data while in the background

Opera Max, the data saving and management app from the makers of the popular Opera Mini Browser has just been, just got a new feature called Smart Alerts.

The Smart Alerts helps to help users manage their data usage by alerting them about apps that use too much data while in the background or in active use. The Smart Alerts kicks in once app has used over 10MB background data in a week.

Opera Max can also let you block an app from using your data allowance when it is in the background.

According to a study by Opera, over 30% of the data used by smartphone users are by apps in the background. With apps such as the Facebook Messenger, GMail, Google Drive, WhatsApp and Hangouts accounting for the most background data usage.

Opera Max is one app that I always recommend to anyone as it could potentially help in stretching the longevity of your data plan.

Source: Opera Blog

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