Android N Developer Preview released, brings MultiWindow and Picture In Picture Support to Android


Google has just released the developer preview of the upcoming Android OS, the Android N for download.  The release breaks the usual tradition of unveiling new versions of Android at the annual Google I/O conference.

The biggest headline feature of  the Android N by far is the MultiWindow feature which looks a bit more functional than the one found in Android Marshmallow (depending on the OEM, you would need to enable it in developer options).

The MultiWindow would allow one to run two apps side by side, however the apps would need to be updated to take advantage of it. While Picture in Picture allows one to have a floating window overlaying playing a video while you are using another app (Thanks Samsung)

Another feature is the ability to reply notifications directly from the notification panel, which is kinda of long overdue. Also With Android N, notifications from the same app would now be bundled together. The bundled notifications can be expanded into single notifications by tapping an expansion button or by a two finger gesture.

Doze, the battery saving feature introduced in Marshmallow has been improved and kicks in once the screen goes off instead of waiting for the phone to be stationary (You can get that feature now on Marshmallow if you install Greenify).

If you've got Nexus 6 , Nexus 5X , Nexus 6P , Nexus 9 , Nexus Player , and Pixel C and want to give the Android N a test head over to this link to download it (However you should note that this is a preview version and isn't ready for use on your primary device).