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Hi guys, I want to share with you fine folks a way of downloading videos from Twitter. First you need is either to download the SaveDeo app from the Google Play Store , if you are an Apple iOS or Windows Phone device user there isn't an app for that (as far as I know) but you can use the webapp which works just as well (I kinda prefer using the webapp, although it introduces more steps but it works better).
1. First thing you need is to go to the play Store and download the SaveDeo app from, however if you are using an iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or you are comfortable using the webapp, click on this link here .
2. Once you have got the app installed or have this page opened
3. Go back to the Twitter app, and navigate the the video that you want to download, click on the Option menu and Copy the link to the Tweet.
4. Go back to the webapp in your browser and paste the link in the search box and click download. If you have got the app just tap on the Clipboard icon.
5. Once you've done that, it would take you to the download page as below, then all you have to do is click download and save the video. With the app you get screen showing you download video or image, tap on the download video, and wait while the app saves your video.
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