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Yesterday i walked into the cinema with very low expectations for the new Batman v Superman movie as the bad reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and some movie goers had got to me. I expected the movie to suck donkey balls, but i was pleasantly surprised as everything the reviewers panned the movie for were what made it better.

The Batman v Superman movie directed by Zack Synder (he directed Watchman, 300 and Man of Steel) continues the dark and realistic theme from the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and Man of Steel. While it falls short of the last two Dark Knight movies, it was heads and shoulders better than Man of Steel.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable, although differing from Marvel light hearted movies with a more grown and serious take on the Superhero genre (looking at you, Deadpool). In some ways the movie was less about the actors and more about the differences in the characters. Batman as the brooding vigilante, battle worn from his years as Gotham's protector, somewhat disillusioned about the good in man (he now brands people and killing isn't off the table anymore), fearful about the new found hero with god like powers. I find fault in reviewers finding fault in Batman (or Superman) now killing people, i think it adds realism to the movie for crying out loud. Superman ever still the boy scout (tries to be) but finally realising the true nature of humanity and how difficult it is, Wonder Woman whose five thousand year existence has taught her much about timing and the need to stay away from the public eye. And finally Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg portray of DC comics second most famous villain somewhat feels like a merger of Heath Ledger's highly acclaimed Joker portray and his character in the movie Social Network which is hard to fault, as Lex Luthor had to reflect what the look and feel of today's tech billionaire with megalomaniac tendencies.

Overall, the atmosphere in the cinema was positive with a few laughs, wows, claps and hurrahs (with a retard who possibly read the reviews and had made up his mind that the movie was trash even before it started). The scene where superman rescues Lois Lane by punching her assailant through the wall elicited laughs from the audience. Batman's gadgets impressed as always, never have i being more impressed by the Batmobile, this new one blows the Tumbler used in the Dark Knight trilogy out of the water. The scene in which Batman tried to run Superman over with the Batmobile and Supes ripping the Batmobile and threatening Batman (how dare him) was amazing.

The fight scene with Superman in Gotham was great. Batman use of his gadgets in defeating Superman was plausible and laudable. While Batman was out of league (it's Superman we talking about here) and the movie did reflect it , he's triumph at the end was easily justifiable with Superman's vulnerability to Kryptonite and Bruce's intellect.

The final fight scene with Doomsday couldn't have gone better, and it's where Zack Synder really shines. Doomsday was a worthy adversary, and for a minute there i feared for the heroes particularly Batman who without Superhuman powers was the most vulnerable of the trio. Wonder Woman really held her own. I didn't think her sword would have been able to cut Doomsday or her lasso would have been able to hold him either. I'm willing to wager that she could go up against Superman and win. The death of Superman holds true to the comic books which is more than welcomed.

There were a few scenes that seemed unnecessary according to the reviewers. A lot which i don't agree with and one i agree with. While the destruction of Wayne Towers and the death of Bruce Wayne's parents some what seemed as an unnecessary attachment it does however help to explain why Batman hated Superman and why he didn't kill Superman when he mentioned the name Martha during their fight. The Africa rescue scene also adds context to the growing Superman hate and the Senate proceedings (I'm kinda piqued that Lex let Mercy die). The dream scene were the Flash revealing "Lois Lane" as Superman's true weakness was inexplicable by normal conventions.

At the end, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes for great watch as long as you are desperately trying not to enjoy it.
About the "plot holes", Movies especially comic book adaptions aren't supposed to have a iron clad storyline (hello!! have you seen any of the Marvel movies, i could easily write you a piece on how ridiculous any of their movies are). 
At the end I rate this movie 4 starts out of 5 (can't wait for the DVD release ,i hear it's got 30 more minutes of footage).

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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