5 Great Movies that didn't need a sequel but got one anyway

Finally got around to watching London Has Fallen mostly because i didn't think this movie was going to the cinema for. Let's face it, London has fallen was a movie that has no reason for existing than trying to cash in on the goodwill of the first movie. And it got me thinking perhaps i should write an article about 5 movies i think didn't deserve have sequels. My list basically comprises of movies that i think that the original was really good and pretty much had a plot that's a closed loop.

Here's my list


The first movie was pretty amazing, the plot, the cast, the acting and the directing all gelled and the result was a movie that was pretty much on point. The combination of both positive reviews from critics and moviegoers helped it to see off another similar movie in the form of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx's White House Down.
London has fallen continues pretty much from where Olympus has fallen stopped, putting the same President and the same Secret Service member in harm's way in London. How unlucky does one have to be to be in such a situation two times in a row. Jesus, Satan, God and the rest of the supernatural beings must absolutely hate you for that to happen twice.
For me London has fallen could work but with a totally different cast and perhaps some tweaks to the script, shame the producers couldn't resist a shameless money grab reusing the same cast which made it a lot less plausible and altogether too predictable.

2. TAKEN 2 & 3

Taken 2 & 3 begs the question what sin or evil Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) had done in the past life that Karma has gone on a personal vendetta against, first kidnapping his daughter then his wife and then killing his wife again. Movies like Taken aren't supposed to be franchise material they're usually better off as a single movie. Making a sequel kind of takes away the suspense, the audience knows that Bryan was going to win at the end. While Taken 2 could've been excused 🙁, Taken 3 wasn't. Taken 3 stretched the movie and there prowess of Bryan Mills beyond what was humanly possible. And the end of the day, the sequels were easily forgettable.


Basic Instinct was an amazing movie, i remember sneaking to watch the movie on our VHS machine while at the same time praying that the tape doesn't get stuck in the machine and no one catches me watching it. I remember talking up it up to my friends when the sequel and how great it would (based on the original), the movie ending up disappointing and thank God, the DVD had the original which made up for it.


Die hard franchise is basically feels like every other Pringles flavours. Most of which sucked particularly the last one.

5. HANGOVER 2 & 3

The first Hangover movie was amazing!!! but they just had to ruin by making the second one. Hangover 2 was just donkey balls terrible, the third one wasn't as bad as the second but nowhere as good as the first.

Honourable mentions
Step Up sequels
Stomp that yard 2
Speed 2
American Psycho 2