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How to Migrate to MTN from Visafone

In case you missed, MTN is the proud owner of the Nigeria's biggest CDMA network Visafone. And MTN has began the process of migrating users from Visafone to its own system which would make their Visafone lines work on MTN's GSM networks (making them GSM lines).

If you've got a Visafone line, here's a few things you should probably take note of.

1. The process of Migration is mandatory so you would need to do it if you still intend to keep the number.

2. The Migration process and new SIM is free.

3. To start the migration process, you would need to visit any MTN or Visafone office with the following:
ii. A valid ID (National ID, Driver's license, Data page of the International Passport, Voter's Card).
iii. Three (3) frequently dialled numbers.
iv. A Visafone SIM/starter pack or kit (optional).
v. Large recharge and activation date (optional).

4. You get to keep your Visafone number.

5. The old Visafone voice and data tariffs which you were on would remain unchanged. 

6. You would need to buy a GSM compatible device as the MTN network does not support CDMA phones.

7. The new MTN SIMs would start working on the MTN Network within 24 hours of the migration process.

8. Once the migration process is done, you won't be able to use Visafone vouchers to recharge. Recharging your line can only be done using MTN vouchers using the *555#.

To find out more about the migration process, you can check out Visafone's FAQ page on the process .

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