What WhatsApp's end to end encryption doesn't mean


I stumbled on this tweet today, apparently it seems there might be a sizeable number of people out there who don't quite understand what end to end encryption means.

While end to end encryption means that your communications are safe from the prying eyes of third parties it doesn't make them any safer than it is if you are just a normal person sending photos of your body parts to another person. Granted hackers and government agencies won't be able to hack your phone WhatsApp messages easily it doesn't guarantee that your photos cannot make their way to the Internet.
Anyone who follows TMZ or other gossip blogs and Twitter would know that most leaked nudes tend to come from one of the two involved parties (Revenge Porn is kind of a thing now). So this means that regardless of WhatsApp's implementation of end to end encryption, your nudes aren't really safe because the person you are sending it to could very well post your nudes online for all to see.
If you're genuinely interested in protecting your private photos you would be better off using any of the many ephemeral messaging services such as Snapchat or even the BlackBerry Messenger which even allows you to chat anonymously via the Private Chat feature.

So here's a quick recap of what I've been blabbing away about, Do not send any nude photos via WhatsApp because you heard chats are now encrypted. Use Snapchat or BBM if you want to keep your naughty photos private.