Check out this cool bendable Smartphone


A Chinese company Moxi Group (pronounced Mou-she) might just be about to change the form factor in which Smartphones are built with its bendable display. 

The devices built by Moxi Group features a highly bendable display which allows the screen to completely wrap around one's wrists like a bracelet or watch without breaking or distorting.  The bendable screen incorporates graphene, which is one of the thinnest material in the world.

For now Moxi Group has only being able to produce smartphones incorporating a monochrome display such as the one in the photo above. If you don't mind the monochrome display and have got $760 (5000 yuan) to spare one of the these futuristic devices could be yours in the next few months. The ones with colour display is projected to hit the market come 2018. 

Moxi Group isn't the only Smartphone maker actively trying to make these bendable or foldable devices, Samsung has unveiled a few of these flexible displays in the past, although it's yet to bring any of such products to the consumer market.