Get 500MB for just N25 on The MTN Network


MTN recently introduced a cool data plan for users on the MTN Pulse tariff plan (which also happenstance to be a cost effective plan for calls too). 

This data plan allows MTN users on the MTN Pulse tariff plan to subscribe to an Insanely cheap data plan which offers 500MB for just N25. The only catch(es) is that the plan only works between the hours of 12am and 4am, is limited to 500MB a Night, and available to MTN Pulse users. I think the plan is great and fits my needs considering that I tend to schedule my downloads already so I could just subscribe to the plan and my Android smartphone would start downloading the files once it's 12am.

To Subscribe to this plan
You have to be on the MTN Pulse Tariff Plan (You switch to MTN Pulse by  Dialling *406# or SMSing 406 to 131. 
If you are on the MTN Pulse Tariff Plan, just SMS Night to 131.

Besides this plan, MTN also has some really other cheap Daily and Monthly data plans and some ridiculously cheap Night Plans. 
You can check them out using the links below
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