J.Cole named Highest Paid Rapper in 2015


2015 was a massively successful year for Rapper J. Cole as he ended it pulling in $8.8 million from sales of his albums, publishing, streaming and his 2014 Forest Hill Drive. This helped him to a healthy No. 28 spot on the Billboard's Money-makers list of 2015, which is the highest of any Hip Hop artist. The Weekend, Drake and Nicki Minsk also make the list at #29, #32 and #39 respectively. 

The Weeknd made $8.6 million thanks to the sales of his Grammy winning album "Beauty Behind The Madness". Drake pulled in $7.4 million while Nicki Minaj made $6.3 million. Taylor Swift topped the Billboard Money-makers list for 2015 with $73.5 with a highly successful worldwide tour which raked in $61.7 million in ticket sales. 
The Billboard's Money-makers list differs from the rich list from Forbes magazine as it only considers income generated from music related activities. Income from sales of merchandise, synchronisation and sponsorship are not included.
To see the full list head over to Billboard to check it out.