MediaTek's Pump Express 3.0 will get your smartphone from 0% to 70% charge in 20 minutes

MediaTek introduced its third iteration  of its own Fast Charge technology, the Pump Express 3.0, which MediaTek says can get users a 70% chsrge on the smartphones in just about 20 minutes. 
MediaTek manages to accomplish this whilst eliminating the heat problem which most of these fast battery charging technologies tend to encounter by bypassing the usual smartphone circuitry. With Pump Express 3.0, the amount of current drawn is regulated by a switch and results inna power efficiency of 50% compared to Pump Express 2.0. It features  a bi-directional communication and 20-plus safety and device protection systems built-in, which prevents any overheating issues with the charger or the smartphone. Pump Express 3.0 is the first fast charging to be compliant with the USB-C standard for power delivery. 

The Pump Express 3.0 technology would be available in smartphones towards the end of 2016 with smartphones using the MediaTek Helios P20 series chipset. 

Source: MediaTek


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