Apple earlier today announced some changes to it's entire line of Operating Systems from the macOS to iOS. if you missed the live event, here's a rundown on everything that was announced.

iOS 10 

iOS got some cool new features, one of which is one which it borrows from the Android ecosystem, offering glanceable notifications allowing users to view their notifications by just lifting up their iPhone. Users can now quickly reply to notifications from the lockscreen using 3D touch. The camera is now even more accessible requiring just a swipe from left to right from lockscreen to launch the camera.Other changes are mainly app specific with the Apple Maps, Photos, News, Music, Home and Phone get some new features. With iOS 10, Apple is announcing the end of its software support for older iDevices such as the iPhone 4S. For the first time ever, Apple is taking Google's approach to updating its stock apps by posting them on the App Store, users would also be able to delete those stock apps now.

With Photos, Apple is incorporating facial recognition to sort photos kinda like what Google Photos does now but unlike Google Photos this is done locally on the iDevices instead of the cloud. The Photos app can now create movies based on photos taken within a period of time. Apple Maps now offers recommendation shortcuts making it easier to find things on Maps. I can also help you to calculate how much time detour stops at a gas station or restaurants would take from your itinerary. Apple is also opening up Maps to third party developers, allowing them to build some functionality into their apps allowing users to carry out tasks such ass booking a table from maps or even a ride. The Music app sports a new look with larger photos and tabs. The News app gets a similar redesign and adds subscriptions. The Phone app gets voicemail transcription and third-party call filtering. iMessage gets bigger emoji, photo and text blur and animations.

WatchOS 3

With WacthOS 3, Apple is focussing on improving the loading speed of apps and is said to be seven times faster than WatchOS 2. Apple is also bring the command control and docks from iOS to the WatchOS, the command control and docks is accessible by swiping from the watch face or a button. Apple is also incorporating "Scribble" a handwriting recognition in addition to quick reply buttons with predefined responses. 

The Watch OS 3 also incorporates an emergency or SOS mode, which allows users to hold down the button to call emergency services.

Apple is increasing the number of video channels available on the Apple TV from 80 to 1,300. it is also releasing a remote app which would come in handy in case of a missing or misplaced remote. It is now easier to access love TV or VOD with the introduction of a single sign on mode allowing to easier access to all channels available on your cable provider.

Apple confirmed the macOS rumours by announcing the change of the name of Apple desktop and laptop Operating System from OS X to macOS. it also announced a new version of the OS called Sierra, which connects the Apple ecosystem even further as users who own an Apple Watch would now be able to unlock their Mac or Macbook by just having the Apple watch close to it. With Sierra, Apple is finally bringing Siri and Apple Pay to macOS, although the Apple Pay would require an iPhone or Apple Watch to authenticate transactions. Another cool feature is the Universal Clipboard which would all users to copy text on their iPhone and tend paste it into a document on their Mac. Sierra introduces a new file management feature which offloads old files unto your iCloud drive. 

Swift Playbook
Apple introduced a cool iPad app which would help kids learn how to code on their iPad. The app takes a game-like approach in helping kids learn how to code .