Front panel of the Galaxy Note7 leaks, confirms presence of an Iris scanner

Seems someone at Samsung can't seem to keep a secret as just days after getting wind of the name of the latest Galaxy Note device and its battery capacity, we are been given gifted a photo of what seems to be the front panel of the Galaxy Note7 (At least the edge variant).

The leaked front panel pretty much confirms the rumours of the presence of an iris scanner in between the front facing camera and the proximity sensor. While the Galaxy Note7 wouldn't be the first smartphone to have an iris scanner as the Lumia 950, 950XL and Elite X3 have beaten it to the punch, the jury is still out on how many users would actually use it and how much better is it compared to the fingerprint for users?.
To me it seems like Samsung is back to its old strategy of slapping tons of gimmicky features in order to out innovate its competitors.

Thanks to Android Authority and OnLeaks for the photo.


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