LG adds four new smartphones to its X-Series Line

LG today announced four new additions to their X-Series line with the X Power, X Mach, X Style and X Max. These new smartphones would complement their V and G series line of smartphones and share some of the features found in those devices. 

The LG says that each of these X smartphone would have a unique feature that matches it to a specific user need or interest such as bigger battery capacity, faster processor, more sophisticated styling or a larger display.

The X Power is aimed at power users who spend more time on their smartphone and packs a 4100mAh battery in a 7.9mm slim body. The X Power also features fast charging (PE+) technology allowing to charge twice as fast.

The X mach is all about speed and performance, featuring a speedier 1.8 Ghz processor along with LTE Cat 9 3CA. It also features a crisp Quad HD IPS Quantum display for clearer images. The curved body of the X mach allows for better handling and the large 1.55μm sensor camera would allow users to take better photos in low light conditions.
The X Style differentiates itself from the rest of the line-up with its graceful curved design and extra-slim body.
The X Max completes the line-up features a large display for enhanced viewing experience which is ideal for media consumption.

Source: LG


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