Samsung's Smart Glow feature gets detailed

We reported some time ago that Samsung was in the process of reinventing the LED notification with a new ring around the camera lens. According to a leaked manual from the yet to be released Galaxy J2 obtained by Sammobile, we now some details about what the Smart Glow does.

According to Sammobile, the Smart Glow would be used for Priority alerts, Usage alerts and Selfie Assist. The Priority Alert would be a lot similar to the Edge lighting on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S7 edge, and would light up in different colours for different contacts. SMS and Email notifications would also benefit from this feature. Next is the Usage alerts which would used to indicate charging status or battery level. Last is the Selfie Assist, which is supposed to help people take selfies with the rear camera by lighting up when their face is centered within the photo. 

Besides these three features, the Smart Glow could be extend to light up to show different Weather condition (Weather Ring) such as yellow for sunny, blue for rain or assist during heart rate measurements (Health ring). Although these two would likely make their appearance on the Galaxy S8 instead of the Galaxy J2.


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