See what Google knows about your phone usage

It's a given that Google probably knows a frightening amount about me and you considering how much we love to Google things or use our Android smartphone or even the Chrome browser. And Thanks to a new tool called My Activity from Google you can see how much of your data and usage Google knows.

 My Activity page acts like an information management hub and shows all the information Google has on you in a Timeline. On it you would find yur Searches on Google's Search page, websites visited on Google Chrome, Apps used on your Android smartphone, Voice commands and searches on the Google search app, Videos searches on YouTube, basically everything you do online using a Google product. 

While it looks rather cool, I am not really a fan of some of the information gathered such as my app usage, lucky there's a way of disabling this feature from your android phone. And can be done by selecting three dot options menu in The My Activity page and selecting Activity Control and then disabling it or from your Android smartphone by:
 1. Opening the Settings app > Google Settings (In older Android smartphones, you won't find the Google settings in the settings app as it is listed as an app on its own).
2. Personal info & privacy > Activity controls >Web & App Activity > turn the switch on or off.


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