A look at InterC insanely overpriced InterC Lite & Savvy data plans

There is this saying "Pikin wey wan spoil go spoil", and that's kind what InterC is doing by overpricing its data plans compared to its more established competitors. For those that don't know of InterC or haven't heard of it. They are a new 4G ISP formed out of the ashes of what used to be Intercellular.

Basically, InterC has launched three tiers of data plans targeted at mobile phone users (InterC Lite), Homes (InterC Savvy) and heavy users (InterC Ultra). For most part the InterC Lite and InterC Savvy data plans are just a slap in the face of customers. These plans are overpriced compared to what is obtainable from the likes from Airtel, Etisalat, MTN and especially Glo.
A close look at their InterC Lite plans shows that it offers no value whatsoever to customers, who not only have to contend with the limited network coverage but also their pricier data plans, which cost 40% more.
With the entry level 1.5GB data plan costing at least 40% (N400) more,  it's quite clear that customers who use their mobile phones for data are better off sticking with any GSM Network of their choice. The value of the 4GB could easily be matched and surpassed by the likes of Glo and Airtel while MTN and Etisalat users would end up saving more when they renew their plans. The same could be said of their InterC Savvy plan which for the most part costs more for the same amount of data. The InterC Savvy plans which are supposedly suited to households aren't really cost effective and offer less bang for their buck.

The 7GB plan would cost you more for less if you are a Glo subscriber or have good Glo coverage where you live. Subscribing to Airtel would save you N1,000, while Etisalat and MTN users also save more.
The same could be said for the 15GB plan which not only costs half the amount on Glo but it also offers 3GB more. On Airtel while an equivalent plan costs N1,000 more you get an additional 9GB of data which is a no-brainer.
Glo easily bests the InterC 25GB plan offering almost twice the data allowance for N2,000 less while Airtel offers 9GB extra for the same amount. Overall the InterC Lite and Savvy plans are quite poor offerings for most customers as they not cost more in addition to be disadvantaged by the limited network coverage (as of now InterC 4G coverage is limited to Abuja, Kaduna and Port Harcourt).

One would expect that as a new entrant into the market that InterC would price its data plans better in order to attract subscribers who possibly have an ISP already.


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