Check out InterC Internet Data Plans and Their Prices

InterC (formerly known as InterCellular) got relaunched as a 4G Internet Service Provider some days ago. With its relaunch InterC joins the likes of Smile, SpectraNet, Ntel, Swift as the ISP currently operating on the 4G LTE Spectrum which promises even faster data transmission speeds compared to what's obtainable on the now aging 3G standards.

As of launch time, the 4G network would only be available to those in Abuja, Kaduna and Port Harcourt with plans for Lagos and other major cities at a later time.

To mark its relaunch InterC is offering some bonuses to early customers in the form of free data with every purchase of their MiFi, router and smartphone devices (you can check out the details here). In addition to the devices, it also announced a three tiered data plans focussed on different customer segments. The InterC Lite which is targeted at mobile phone users, the InterC Savvy for Homes and the InterC Ultra for heavy users and businesses.

Here are the various plans and their prices

InterC Lite Plans

InterC Savvy Plans

InterC Ultra Plans

You can check out the rest of their offerings and network coverage by going to their website


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