It turns out that Gorilla Glass 5 isn't all that

"Sometimes in trying to move forward, you end up going backwards a step", this could be used to typify Corning's desire to create a new display glass that's more shatterproof.  While the Gorilla Glass 5 is even more harder to shatter than the Gorilla Glass 4, it is now a lot easier to scratch than ever.

The guys at JerryRigEverything recently put the Galaxy Note7 which is the first smartphone with Gorrilla Glass and the results betrayed this vulnerability. While the Gorilla Glass 4 could withstand scratches from objects below level 6 on the mohs scale, the Gorilla Glass 5 is easily scratched by objects on Level 3 which includes objects made from aluminium,silver, gold, iron, steel, glass, sand.

While the Gorilla Glass 5 is a lot less scratch resistant than the Gorilla Glass 4, it would hold up just fine against your fingernails. And since it's a lot more shatter resistant, it would easily survive a few falls onto concrete pavements. Although have a tempered glass screen protector on your brand new device couldn't possibly hurt.


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