Twitter would soon let you filter out tweets by keywords

As most of y'all know, Twitter has come under attack lately for not protecting its "users" from abuse and it's promised to be more proactive about that. A few weeks ago, Twitter introduced what it calls it's Quality filter which filters away tweets from questionable accounts. While it works ok however it is a less than ideal solution.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Twitter might be rolling out a new tool to its users which would allow them to filter tweets with certain keywords from their Timeline. For instance suppose you aren't a fan of swear words, you can have your Twitter automatically filter those words from your Timeline and mentions by just setting up those words in the filter tool. The same tool could be used to filter hashtags, words and phrases.

While this would be welcome, Twitter has been notoriously slow at adding features that users need considering that many third party Twitter clients have had feature for years now. So who really knows when Twitter would be rolling out this feature if they would at all.


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