WhatsApp & Facebook data sharing: Much Ado About Nothing

If you haven't heard about it, WhatsApp announced recently that it would be sharing your data with Facebook its parent company (you can read about it here). And it has raised up quite a small storm (in a tea cup at best), and there's so much misinformation about what it entails and people are being advised not to agree to the new terms & conditions and privacy policy. Personally I think this fear is a bit misplaced considering the information that Facebook would be getting is mostly what it already gets from you. 

A dive into the T&C shows that Facebook would be getting information regarding your number, how often you use the app, the carrier you are on, contacts you chat with, your network type and access to your contact list. While this might seem to be a lot, it is nothing new since it's basically the same information that most websites collect (minus the contacts) when we go on them. And if you have the Facebook app or Messenger installed on your phone, chances are Facebook already has access to all of these information. 

If you're a frequent user of Facebook you shouldn't bother yourself about the new privacy policy as Facebook has those information already and a lot more. The real value for Facebook are those WhatsApp users who  don't use Facebook apps that much and don't have any Facebook apps installed on any of their smartphones. At the end of the day, Facebook isn't doing nothing that Google isn't doing. If you've got an Android device or use any of Google's services such as GMail or Chrome, then Google gets to actually read your emails, know what you search for, see the apps you use, how long you use them, see every website you visit and more (You can see for yourself just how of your information collects, using this link).

At the end of the day, the information that you feel you are trying to protect is already out there and in the hands of Google or Facebook. So take a chill pill, relax and accept the new T&C, there's nothing diabolical going on here.


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