How to check if your Samsung Galaxy Note7 is Safe

The last few weeks has been trying for Samsung, in the midst of handling the recall process of the Galaxy Note7. While urging owners of the Galaxy Note7 to turn in their devices for a replacement unit to avoid an incidents.

Samsung has put up a website that would allow owners of the Galaxy Note7 check if their units are safe for use.

To use the web tool, you only need to navigate to the website and enter the IMEI number of your Galaxy Note7.

To get the IMEI number of your Galaxy Note7, you can do any of the following:

1.Check the retail box of the Galaxy Note7 for a label 

2. Check the side panel of the Galaxy Note7 for the IMEI number.

3. From the Phone Dialer, enter *#06#

4. Navigate to the Settings menu, then scroll down to the About Device submenu, then to Status and then IMEI Information.

Once you've gotten your IMEI number, Open this LINK and then enter your IMEI number.

In addition to the web portal, Samsung is marking the retail boxes with a blue S or black dot to show the unit is safe for use.


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