Samsung wants to make a smartphone that runs Android and Windows Phone side by side

Samsung isn't one to shy away from trying new things and has practically thrown everything including the kitchen sink in its devices. If its latest patent filing is anything to go by Samsung believes there's a future in running both Android and Windows Phone on one device.

While Samsung isn't the first to come up with the idea of running two mobile operating systems on a single devices, its appraoch differs from the current dual boot setup. The current solutions available limits users to one OS at a time. What Samsung is proposing allows users to run both OS side by side at the same time. The patent filing shows that users would be able to swutch between the two with a tap of a button, share files, folders and resources between the two. And also run Android and Windows Phone apps side by side as Windows.

However with the current state of the Windows Mobile ecosystem, its unlikely that Samsung would be making any of these devices any time soon.



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