Etisalat Nigeria joins in the fun, launches its own 4G LTE network

Etisalat Nigeria has joined the likes of Globacom Nigeria and MTN in unveiling its own LTE network. The launch comes just days after its competitor Glo Nigeria announced its own network. The launch brings to three (four if you count Ntel) the number of GSM providers who have upgraded their services to LTE.

This upgrade to LTE would allow subscribers on the Etisalat network to enjoy fast data speeds way beyond anything they have experienced with the 3G/HSPA data services. While Etisalat isn't the first network to transition to LTE as the market is already crowed with the likes of Spectranet, Smile, Swift, InterC, MTN, Glo already operating their own services, it does have an advantage over the others in making it quite seamless for their customers to utilise this service. Unlike other networks, Etisalat customers do not need to swap their preexisting SIM cards for LTE SIM cards, all they need to do is place their SIM cards in an LTE compatible smartphone or device to enjoy the service.


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