More cases of replacement Galaxy Note7 exploding reported

After botching the initial release of what seemed to be its finest smartphone, Samsung has shot itself once again in the foot by also managing to screw up the recall process with incidents of replaced devices also spontaneously combusting.

Beyond the initial Galaxy Note7 that combusted on an airline flight, there are more reports of other replacement devices also exhibiting the same issues before the recall. A man in Kentucky reported that his replacement device suddenly filled his room with smoke at 4am resulting in a hospital visit for smoke inhalation.
A 13 year old girl from Minnesota suffered burns to her hand after Galaxy Note7 melted. A lady in Taiwan suffered some burns after her device exploded while in her back pocket. Another user in South Korea had his device explode while watching a Baseball game. While a Note7 was reported to have combusted at a Burger King in South Korea.

While incidents like these are unfortunate and unplanned, Samsung's handling of this faulty battery issue has left a lot to be desired. For instance, its representative were less than helpful to the Kentucky man as this misaddressed text message shows.
Just got this now. I can try and slow him down of we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if he does it.

Samsung needs to step and do something concrete to address these issues and halting the sales of the Galaxy Note7 should be something that should be on top of their to-do list. One thing is for sure, this whole debacle has irreparable tarnished the Galaxy Note brand if not Samsung itself.

Burnt Galaxy Note7 Image Source: The Verge


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