Samsung acquires Viv Labs, a Natural Language AI startup from the creators of Siri

Samsung announced yesterday its acquisition of Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence startup founded by the creators of Apple's Siri. The acquisition will see Viv Labs and its founders join the Samsung group although as an independently run company.

The new AI created by Viv Labs puts natural language interaction at the forefront which would potentially allow users to interact with their devices in the same way they converse with other people. The demo of Viv at a Techcrunch event showed just how capable Viv was at understanding natural language queries and connecting with third party services such as Uber to complete the query. Check out the video of the TechCrunch demo to see what Viv is all about.

This acquisition makes a lot of sense for Samsung as a way of making its S Voice app even more useful and also particularly for its Tizen wearable platform which would benefit from having a voice driven AI as capable as Viv.


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