How Samsung Pay could work on other Android devices

There is this rumour floating around that Samsung is considering other Android device makers to use their Samsung Pay. Which raises the following questions:

Why  other manufacturers would even consider it? 

To answer the first question, it is because of the MST, the technology behind Samsung Pay which allows it to work with both the newer NFC enabled POS and older POS that rely on physical contact with magnetic stripes on cards to work. 

How could it possibly work especially with Google and Android Pay?
This makes it an extremely attractive proposition for any Android manufacturer looking to market their device in this new cashless age. While this is great reason to join the Samsung Pay bandwagon, but the Samsung name might stand in the way and also Google's Android Pay. Google could license the technology from Samsung and fold it into their Android Pay platform which is available to every other Android device partner. 

While this is great for Google, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Lenovo and the likes, wouldn't it remove one of the selling point of Samsung's Galaxy devices? 

Yes, it probably can but Samsung stands to gain more from it. By agreeing a licensing fee with Google, Samsung can stand to make a bit of money from every Android device sold. And for anyone who has seen the recent financial report, Samsung is making a lot more profit from its semiconductor business that it does from selling its mobile devices. Samsung could easily make one of the licensing requirements that anyone looking to use the MST technology in their devices would have to buy the MST components from Samsung. With the sheer number of Android devices sold each quarter it would go a long way to boosting Samsung's bottomline. 

Overall it's a win-win for everyone involved. Google could use it to speed up the adoption of Android Pay which is lagging in usage compared to Apple Pay. Android OEMs could leverage it to make customers consider their Android devices over the iPhone. And Samsung would be bringing in more revenue in licensing fees and MST compatible chip sales. 


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