Apple's FaceID fooled by a $150 2D printed mask

"Where there's a will, there's a way" or so the saying goes and that phrase is more than true in the case of Apple's much lauded FaceID security system. The Face ID which Apple says is just as secure as Touch ID, might just not be as secure as Apple wants us to believe if the video posted by the security firm BKAV is anything to go. The video shows the Face ID on the iPhone X being easily unlocked by a 3D printed mask plus an artist sculpted nose in its first and only attempt.

On a not so serious but potentially problematic note, another video circulating on the internet shows how the Face ID can be used to unlock the phone of a sleeping or unconscious person using bottle caps, mushrooms and olives.

While what's done in these videos are not that easy to pull off, it does remind us that no matter how secure we think a system is , it's no match for the sheer willpower of anyone willing to spend a significant amount of time trying to get passed it.


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