The Apple FaceID is totally awesome

Nope, I haven't got an iPhone X (the thing dear) but I have been watching quite a few videos of the iPhone X and it's mostly videos of how well the new FaceID system works.

When the iPhone X was announced, my interest was piqued by FaceID, I was really skeptical that Apple could really pull it off. Android has always had a "Face Unlock" feature but it didn't quite hold up well to reasonable scrutiny, even the one on the recent Samsung flagship devices are easily fooled by photos.

Based on all these and what happened during the iPhone until event, I expected FaceID to crash and burn. But from what I've seen online, FaceID is totally ninja. While one can argue that's it's not more convenient or better than TouchID, it's still a remarkable achievement on Apple's part. The degree of sophistication achieved by Apple is simply amazing. The FaceID works by projecting a series of Infrared dots on the face, and uses a computational model to determine if you are you.

A few Youtubers have even devised many clever ways to fool the FaceID system and failed spectacularly.

So far FaceID is foolproof and the only to beat the system is to use an identical twin.

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