How to get rid of Opera Mini full screen ads

Lately Opera Mini force feeding their million full screen ads which is a bit ironic considering there adblocking feature. While I'm not against Opera showing ads in order to pay its bills but with the latest update but they've taken it to a higher level of annoying with popups which appear even when you aren't using the app. The screenshot below shows one of those pop-ups while I was using Chrome.

This popups kinda set me off, and I started tinkering with their settings menu to see how I can turn it off and then it hit me. The issues I have with Opera mini only started recently (in the last few months), so if I switched back to an earlier version of the app i might solve this my little problem.

So I went to APKmirror and downloaded an old version (28.xxxxx) of Opera Mini, installed it and viola my troubles were gone. I no longer see any fullscreen ads that break my workflow, although there are interstitial ads that show up infrequently.

Summing it up, if you're tired of the Opera Mini ads, just download an old version and prosper.

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