Yuck! Is this really the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Well, a press render of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ just surfaced and it kinda looks a step backwards when compared to last year's rather gorgeous Galaxy S8. In many ways, it looks like a lot like the LG G6 (which spawned the Pixel 2 XL and the LG V30). While the LG G6 is a beauty, it pales when compared to the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9

The biggest casualty with this redesign is the amazing Infinity Display of the Galaxy S8. With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is doing away with the wrap around curve display and also the minimal bezels of the Galaxy S8 is replaced by a chunkier bezel.

Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL vs LG V30

It's ming-boogling to see Samsung go this way with the Galaxy S9. It could have used this opportunity to really give the Apple a fight for our money after the iPhone X and put more daylight between it and the other Android manufacturers however it chosen to go backwards with its design.

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