Facebook has been collecting your SMS and Call records for years

It would appear that Facebook has been collecting your call records and SMS for years more especially so if you're an Android user. A number of users have been reported finding years and years of their call history records  on Facebook. 

The data collected by Facebook detailed the numbers or contacts you've been speaking to and how long you speak to them. In addition to that, they've also got every SMS you've sent.

And all this made possible by having any one of their apps installed on your phone. Using either their Facebook app, Facebook Lite, Messenger and Messenger Lite allows Facebook to siphon off your data by requesting for access to your contacts. And the same could also be said of WhatsApp which allows requests for similar permissions and has been known to share the data it collects with Facebook.

If you'd like to see what kind of information Facebook has on you, you can follow the screenshot below and download the zipped archive to check it out. Facebook also offers you an option to delete the data.

This massive data collection seems to only occur on Android smartphones running older versions of Android particularly Android JellyBean. iPhone users are totally immune to this because of the way iOS handles it's permissions.

Images: Arstechnica


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