The IPhone X and the attack of the Copycats

Good artist copy, Great artists steals 

This quote is ascribed to the late great artist, Pablo Picasso and was made famous by Tech Visionary, the late Steve Jobs. The above quote seemed to come to life at the recent MWC, where small and not so small Android OEMs seemed to trip over one another to show off their shameless copy of iPhone X and its notch.

While this is something that one could expect from the small players such as Elephone, Leagoo, Ulefone, and Doogee who have built their brand around making clones of popular phones such as the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mix; it's mind boogling that the likes of LG, Asus, Hauwei and Oppo could be up to the same tricks. 
Only time can tell just how well this strategy will bode for the likes of LG, Asus, Hauwei and Oppo. But for what it is worth, they've all awaken to the knowledge of whom their true competitor is.

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