Thoughts on Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album

"Pleasantly Surprising", that's how I'd describe Cardi B's debut album Invasion of Privacy, if I'm asked. I went into my first listening expecting the album to totally suck arse (pardon my French) but I didn't it was actually good. Like really really good. 

One thing that struck me was how well the album was arranged and that's something people in the music business have long neglected. And the arrangement made "Invasion of Privacy" a worthy skip-free listen. The arrangement paired songs in a way that every weak song like Bartier Cardi is offset 😁 by a dope song like  "Thru your phone". And this helps Cardi B deliver a really strong debut album. 

The album delivers right off the bat with Get Up, which sounds like a mission statement by Cardi B. The song is followed by the Migos assisted Drip, while it might not be the album's strongest suit but it does make for easy listening. The pattern repeats itself through the album with standout tracks like Be Careful, Best Life featuring Chance The Rapper, Bodak Yellow, Thru Your Phone, I do featuring SZA balancing out the weaker songs on the album. 

Overall Invasion of Privacy makes for a worthy debut album. It's one of those albums you could hit play on and not skip any track. If i were rate the album I'd give it a solid 4 👍 out of 5.

Songs to check out
Bodak Yellow
Thru your phone
Best life
I do
Get Up
Be Careful


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