Sorry, Samsung but Hauwei made the better folding phone

ICYMI, both Samsung and Hauwei showed us their take on what the phones of the future would look like (yeah, don't fight it).
While Samsung showed us a communicatoresque type device a la the Nokia Communicators of yore, Hauwei took risks and showed us one that's not only better looking but futuristic.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Hauwei Mate X
While I consider myself a fan of what Samsung has done over the years but I have got to give Hauwei this round. Their Mate X looked like a phone that I might want to replace my current phone (Galaxy S9) with if I can find $2000 lying around.

The Galaxy Fold and Mate X fills me with the excitement of phone announcements I used to have in the past when Nokia made phones in all types of shapes and sizes (someone needs to make a pen phone, i swear I'd buy it if you keep it a hunnit). Hauwei and Samsung weren't the only ones to show off something foldable, Nubia (a ZTE subsidiary) also showed off a folded smartwatch, the Nubia Alpha. However the Alpha seems a lot more like a toy than anything.

Nubia Alpha

This year's MWC is probably the most excited I've been in years about smartphones. In IMO , foldable devices are the future of smart gadgets and I can't wait to see what other manufacturers come up with next.


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