Can't believe I got this phone for 7,760 Naira

In a time when flagship devices are starting to cost the same as a plot of land and Nokia is sell you a palasa phone for more than 40K. It's quite refreshing to see an OEM that doesn't have its head too far up its arse and that is why Xiaomi will always have a special place in my heart. While i don't own any of their devices, i do love what they are doing. But this  story isn't about them and i do love a great bargain.

About a week ago, i sighted something unusual on my mobile carrier's phone page and it was this beauty.
I couldn't believe my eyes and i had to ask their customer service and granted this isn't the iPhone XS MAX or the Galaxy Note 10, i thought that was an exceptionally good offer as i needed a backup device with my old Galaxy Note3 now refusing to power up.    I admit it's no iPhone 11, Galaxy S10 or any of the latest Android Flagship smartphones but I'm rather impressed by my latest buy. I managed to snag this  little beauty from my carrier Visible (a Verizon subsidiary) for $21.26 which works out to just 7,760 Naira which is a steal considering that until a few weeks ago, the same device had a price tag of $99.  While the Visible R2 (ZTE) isn't one of more impressive smartphones feature-wise, it's a still neat device especially coming at that low low price.

The display is a 5.45 inch 720p LCD panel which is still decent. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor clocked at 1.4GHz paired with 2GB of RAM and kept churning along by a 3100mAh battery. A combination which sees the devices lasting a tad longer than my Galaxy S9. It's got a 13MP main camera and a 5MP front camera which takes decent photos in proper light. One thing I like about the R2 is the feel in hand, the polycarbonate body feels light and great to hold with no discomfort even after a long while.

While it's not always roses with the R2, the RAM and storage is quite small, but this is one serviceable device that gets the job done.

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